Friday, August 1, 2008

The Tri Suit

ok, how intimidating are these things?... seriously! you see them on the "ironman winners" in the magazines and they look awesome! you think, "maybe i should get me one of those... they would really help my transitions." Also, I have that complex that i need to "blend" in with the fellow triathletes which is another motivation to help my psyche. Then, you go to your local swim store and ask where their tri suits are. Maybe if you are like me, you asked about wet suits and got directed to the $300 shark skin like suits.. after clearing up what you are really looking for.. you are standing in front of a rack of mini suits.

she tells me i should try on a medium.... and the medium looks like it is designed for a 10 year old gymnast. I started laughing and asked for the XLarge. She refused to let me try it on so we settled on a large. I tried on a few different types and laughed through the whole process. Not only do all of them accentuate the side boob arm fat, but any two piece combos give you a lovely muffin top as they HAVE to be tight to avoid having it slide off. I decide at that point if i lost 30 lbs then i would look good in it...

I settled with Speedo Unitard TriSuit. It isn't the colors i was in love with but it isn't too much material and it feels like a swim suit. There is no muffin top as it is a one piece and the side boob is minimal. I think it should do the trick.

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