Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bonafide or crazy??

"oh brother where art though" is one of my favorite movies. I love its whitty rhetoric, cinematography, and one liners. remember when those little girls are talking to george clooney about his ex wife finding a "bonafide" man... ahh, i love that bit.

anyways, this past weekend, i think i might have finally become a "bonafide runner"... or just crazy.

I had signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon a few months ago. I thought it would be a great race prepping for Milwaukee. The course went through "beautiful Chicago , past the prestigious University of Chicago campus, along tree-lined streets, beside Lake Michigan on the famous Lake Shore Drive, Museum of Science and Industry before returning to historic Jackson Park - which was once the site of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition." I was really excited about the location and thought it would be a great run.
Friday, it started raining here and continued through the entire weekend. I thought they were going to cancel but after checking their website 50 times each day,they said it was still on. The night before I started freaking out thinking, can i really run 13.1 miles in the rain?!?!... i decided i was going to go through with it and quickly versed myself in all the tricks to running in the rain. i proceeded to try on 20 outfits and than would run down my small hallway checking them out... (b/c what better way to see if an outfit will work for 13.1 M in the rain than running 10 feet down my hardwood floor hallway!?!)

Race morning arrived and i was ready to go... i wore all dri-fit gear and opted to forgo a jacket and just do shirt, pants and hat. I did pack a small garbage bag with holes cut in it and tucked it in my sole pocket. I got dropped off near the start line armed with my throw away poncho & lots of nerves. The rain was steady but not horrible. Apparently, 10,000 people showed up for race day. 6,000 pre-registered opted to stay home under their warm covers.

The race got going and I thought it wouldn't be so bad. Mile 1-2 was quite enjoyable. A nice steady rain to keep cool and not a lot of puddles along the way. There were a few people that dropped out around mile 1 (4% to be exact) but that didn't really effect me. The first 6 Miles were ok... managable. At Mile 7, it started pouring sideways as the wind really picked up. It dipped into the 50's and at that point, i threw on the garbage bag. The race became less pleasant as the miles went on but i continued. My pace dipped as i walked through the water station and struggled to start back up. I hobbled along through mile 7-9 as it was pouring but finally got running again at Mile9. There were puddles ankle deep but i luckily got NO blisters (thank you for water wicking socks... well worth the $20). Crossing the finish line was amazing and so happy I went through with the run. It was an extremely humbling experience but was so greatful to participate in the race. My chip time was 2:30... a PR :) haha

Finding Scott and Josh took about 40 minutes and it became miserable walking in the cold rain as my muscles frooze up. I am currently lathered in IcyHot and limped around work all day..

so, i pose the question... bonefide runner? or just crazy? i personally can't decide myself. i think scott would vote "crazy".... pics to follow once they post them on their site.

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