Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chicago Half - second time around

Last year, it rained 9 inches the day of the race.. it was crazy and amazing at the same time.

This year, it marked my third and final half of the summer. I would use the term "racing season" but let's be honest, i do not race to anything except the front of Banana Republic clearance racks and dairy queens lines...

Anyways, It was a great way to end. Again, it was a tad too hot (hit almost 80), but still enjoyed myself, running along the lake and enjoying the energy along with the big races. I still can't decide which i prefer (big or little races) but i happily bonded with 18,000+ this weekend.

I took a potty break for the first time during a race and regretted it. it took over 10 minutes (maybe 15) and made it really hard to get back into the swing of things.

Josh and Scott were there to greet me at the end along with lots of water. Great Day. Great Race. Great Memories.

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