Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chicago Marathon 2009

Marathon #2 Completed. It was a great one.. running through the city we have come to call home. The night before we stayed downtown with some of our friends. They live in West Loop which was a quick 5 minute train ride to the start line. Night before the race was spent eating Qdoba and gabbing with the girls. I got to bed before midnight which was a surprise however I woke up every hour freaking out....
Race day, I woke up to a 33 degree morning... a bit chilly. I bundled up and headed over to the start. Here is a pic of me right before I left... quite nervous about my outfit (not in a vain way but in a "am i going to freeze?" way). I ended up being quite happy with it and only ditched the $1.40 headband and my garbage bag. All the items that were left on the course were donated to charity and I read today over 25,000 items were collected to be donated!

The Course ran through 29 different neighborhoods throughout the city (including: Old Town, Greektown, Little Italy, The Loop, Lincoln Park and MagMile). Here are some pics from the Trib which i thought captured the race well.

The race went well as expected. Huge positive split.. as expected and i think my right foot is going to fall off 24 hours post race... as expected. Julia and Scott both ran with me a few miles. They were the last miles so they mostly just kept me hobbling along and were extremely positive and awesome! You could register for text updates but I have heard they didn't work last year so i came up with my own alert system which actually was 5/5. I handed these little slips of paper to people along the course (see below) and they sent Scott texts! It was a perfect way to keep him real time updated.
Unlike last year's marathon (where i cried the last 6 miles), i only broke down the last 2 but tried to hold it back as there were a lot of people still cheering. Here is the family right after the finish... Thanks to all those who supported me !

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