Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diagnosis: Aquaphobia?

maybe i wouldn't go that far but it is pretty close. as i prepare for my first Half IM, i am paralyzed at the thought of a 1.2Mile open water swim. I have done small open water tris before and i swim 2-3 times a week and i am seriously borderline hyperventilate about it. even in the pool, if the water is murky or people are constantly hitting me.. i am freaking out..

obviously, this is something i will need to overcome and something i look forward to conquering. i remember as a 1st grader forcing myself to throwup just so i wouldn't have to go to swim classes or constantly "feeling ill" or crying till my parents just stopped pushing it. i finally learned how to actually swim when i was in college and it was a long learning curve. now, i am comfortable in the pool. i can swim 2 miles if needed and am in a tri swim club that meets once a week... all of these things are great however it doesn't get me over my fear of the dark open water that doesn't have nice lane lines to guide me or shield me from the hundreds of other people swimming around or on top of me.

i will overcome this.. that freak out feeling you get when i inhale water or when you heart skips a beat putting you head into a black abyss. i have to if i am going to do muncie but till then, i am going to keep writing about it in hopes this will help me overcome my fear.

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