Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Geauga County Fair 5Miler

This past weekend, I participated in the 5Mile Run at the Geauga County Fair. I thought this would be a fun race to do this weekend as I missed the Chicago’s 10K Human Race.

When it was time to wake up for the race, I thought I was going to skip it as Scott and I were coming off two consecutive late nights from my High School Reunion. However, I forced myself up and my dad took me to the fairgrounds for the run.

The distance wasn’t the problem but the HILLS! The entire race was undulating hills along with horse poo all along the roads. To no surprise, I am a city slicker, and the smell of the horse poo made me dry heave twice along the race. I finished in 53 minutes.....which i was happy with considering the hills..

Post race, we went and looked at some animals in their respective barns. Josh loved petting the little bunny rabbits. After some blue slushies and learning our cuts of meats, we went home and had great filet mignons.. which is part of the loin of the cow.. in case you are wondering

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