Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rock n Roll Chicago Half

Completed another half marathon this year. It was spur of the moment and i was happy i could be part of the inaugural RockNRoll Chicago Half. It was a great event, very well organized and loved the bands throughout the race. Running through the streets and over the bridges of Chicago was lots of fun. There were also tons of fans so that provided great strength at the end of the race.

I bought my bib off of Craigslist and it ended up working out great.. the only collateral damage of buying a bib: The original bib owner stated that he would average ~6:15min/mile ... putting him in corral one. i wanted to be in corral 11/20 so this put me in a pickle trying to sneak into the slower corral. i got into the corral 40 minutes bf the horn so i sat in there hoping i wouldn't get any more stare downs on my low bib number. i also took off my timing chip before the finish line b/c if the original runner might want to qualify for boston... my time would definitely not help him!

However, i think i finished only a few minutes behind my other halfs and felt good finishing. The heat wasn't horrible but everyone was still sweating like crazy.

**to address the bunny ears... someone gave them to me half way through and i totally forgot about them.. it wasn't until i was hobbling back to my car and saw my shadow that i realized i had them on.... yeah, i know they look ridiculous...

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