Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some fun 5K's with Steph

DX: Stress Fracture - CPT Code: 733.94

Had confirmation this week that my sad limp was related to a stress fracture in the my left foot. It showed up in the X-Ray which means it has been present for a while... possibly BEFORE Chicago... which i just laughed at when the Ortho told me. I was given an awesome "hard shoe" and have assigned to swimming for the next month which is fine with me b/c i need an excuse to force me back into the pool. Walking isn't that bad as I have just modified it to not roll onto that bone which brings my semi-waddle walk to a bonafide waddle.

Friday night, Josh and I headed to the Johnson's Halloween Party down in the city. Lots of fun and Josh survived as the only toddler there (all the kids i promised him turned out to be infants).

The other highlight of the weekend (other than the PSU game) was the Hot Chocolate 5K where they showered you with Chocolate at the finish line. I was really excited to run and support Julia who was doing the 15K (my dear friend who ran part of Chicago with me) and got Steph to go with me. However, the best laid plans... because of my stress fracture, I decided to walk it instead of just not doing it at all. Steph was an awesome sport and walked and talked with me while we enjoyed the PERFECT chicago day. Sadly, we missed Julia as she was too speedy but she did awesome! Great weekend! Back to playing Go-Fish with josh. I swear we play that 2-3 times a day.

a 5K (with a few firsts)

First.... race wearing a costume
First... race after Chicago last weekend
First... 5K for Steph post baby (yes i know she looks amazing for having a 3 mth old)
First... race with the "Singles "ladies"" extras running with us
First... race not wearing an iPod
First... race running with a camera
First... race i think i talked the entire time

Great evening with The Johnson's and loved Baby Ty's monkey outfit. Post race, he even got a banana and got the most "awww's" in the kiddie march. I finished making Josh's costume and was pretty pleased with the results.. Scott did let me know he thinks he needs another row of teeth. After race, we continued our tradition of eating as many wings as we possibly could... a great tradition.

The rest of the weekend was without camera but spent with other great friends. Dinner and movie on friday and friends from Creme on Sunday over for dinner. Now... onto finishing Scott and I's Halloween costume!

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