Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stroller for Strides 5K

this week, summer finally decided to show up here in Chicago. we took advantage and enjoyed the father's day weekend. Saturday, the entire family participated in 5K Stroller for Strides-Make a Wish Run. I did it last year with josh and it is such a great event (albeit the running with the cheap stroller part) But with 100% of the proceeds going towards Make a Wish, it was hard to say no this year. The event was great and their was a family their that shared their Wish Experience. They had 7 biological children and adopted 4 children from Africa that were HIV positive. Such an amazing family!Anyways, Scott volunteered to run with me so it was a great family affair. Pushing the stroller was, again, not so much fun but was willing to do so with Scott being by my side. After the race, we checked out the zoo. Perfect summer day.

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