Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tri it in Glenview

I couldn't resist participating in the Triathlon in Glenview this year as it is so close to home, a small event and i only had to wake up at 5 am vs. 4 am for the downtown events.

It was a great race day with perfect weather and conditions. One of the benefits of being a racing loner is meeting all different types of people (beginners to seasoned triathletes with beautiful Felt Bikes). Even though I am not really a triathlete, it is fun to act the part on race day. I even exchanged some digits with potential training buddies especially b/c i am trying to increase my biking skills.

I felt good in all legs of the race and only has jelly legs for the first mile of the run. I doddled in Transition One b/c i didn't dry my feet off well enough and my socks kept getting stuck but T2 went really smooth (even texting scott in T2 to give him my ETA). My biking improved dramatically from last year and i was pleased i had enough gas to finish the Run strong.

a great day. a great race. and lots of pasta consumed tonight!

p.s. Like my CARS towel???

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