Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aches and Pains.....

i have been dealing with the harse reality that i am getting old. it started when i was 20 and herniated my FIRST disc... which culminated into two microdiscectomies and a laminectomy 14 mths ago.... well, now that i think about it.. it started with doing gymnastics as a kid. breaking my ankles a total of 7 times and landing on my head when i didn't rotate enough probably has something to do with my issues along with my wide and pudgy physique.

last year brought a stress fracture post marathon which subsequently lead to swimmers shoulder. all overuse issues but it looks like i am going to be ok for this season.. fingers crossed.

on a brighter note... i am stretching more.. practicing good back health (majority of the time) and got in some open water swims... still freaks me out but baby steps.

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