Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's like coming home....

i have been getting new shoes once every year... around springtime when i realize my shoes are shot. this year, i did a lot of research. i looked for a stability asic and went to 3-4 stores and tried on over a dozen shoes. some were aesthetically cuter than others however i wasn't sold on any particular one.

tonight, i found them. you know when you put on tons of shoes and then there is that one pair that just "felt right". mine were Asics 2140 and they were on sale! i negated the savings by getting a new swim cap (as my new silicone one ripped after 1 week) and some running shorts.

can't wait to try them out! i do think i am going to bring my old ones to cozumel though just in case they get lost. here's to running outside soon!

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