Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lakefront 10

Some days you are in the mood, others you aren't. This past saturday, I participated in the Lakefront 10. I was going on less than 10 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours before the race and semi 'bum tank' as my allergy med has been giving me problems. ok... now that the waaahmbulance has left... my race report.

the weather was nice. i was convinced it was going to be raining the entire time but it stayed overcast. i got the start 5 minutes before the start.... perfect timing and i am grateful scott dropped me off at the start. the first 3-4 miles were fine but then started having a stomach ache before mile 5. threw up some water/gatorade/and my allergy pill (Which was still in tact after 12 hours after swallowing it... WTH?!) anyways, got through the last 5 miles. the last three i ran into a lady that i met at two half marathons last year. we chatted it up and it was pretty humorous as we became short term bff's for 30-40 minutes.

crossed to finish like with scott and waiting for me.... awesome feeling... every time

there was so much swag at the finish. pizza, izze drinks, tamales and pickles! definitely a bonus reward for a long run.

came home to a quick nap, run to the office and then found i washed my ipod in the laundry. thank goodness we have 2 extra's laying around!

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