Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leon's Triathlon

Olympic Distance

1.5K (.9 Mile) Swim

40K (24.8 Mile) Bike

10K (6.2 Mile) Run

It was in Hammond, IN and the race had a lot of hype. apparently Leon did this triathlon back in the 90's and it used to be huge. he brought it back this year and i really liked it. low key, great local support and leon was very visable during the race. he plans to rebuild to 1000 athletes again which i hope he does.

Swim- Thankfully, i redeemed myself. i didn't freak out once and was able to put my head under the water without a problem. my time was still pretty slow but i was ok with that as not freaking out was a win to me. i also wore my wetsuit for the first time and it went a lot better than i planned. the suit provides you with so much buoyancy that i really didn't kick at all unless i did this modified side stroke kick when i sighted... (my tri coaches would cringe if they knew). i did have some sighting issues as i couldn't see shore as it was just an out and back. twice, i was swimming and minding my own business and then a waverunner came up to me and pointed me back on track... there also wasn't a lot of contact b/c i was in the back of the back minus 400 yards when a girl kept attacking my feet.. it was annoying... when i reached the turnaround, i yelled.. "yeah, we made it half way"... the frogman floating at the turnaround just laughed at me.
I was happy to reach sand and ran to T1

Bike- this was my 'hot mess' leg. the first 19 miles were fine until i hit a flat on my front tire. i pulled out my flat kit and figured out what to do.. i changed my first ever tire on the race course and was excited.... got back on the bike and then 1 mile later, my back tire popped!! seriously!

(on a side note, the trek bike tech blew up my tires right before the race and put them up to 120 PSI. i normally have only gone to 100 and asked the guy... "is that too high? won't they pop easier"... he said no... but then 19 minutes later... i have two popped tires.... i will let you connect the dots)

anyways, after the second flat, a nice guy threw my another tube. i didn't have enough CO2 to pump the tire fully so i got a golf cart ride for the last 4.8 miles back to Transition. I really didn't have a choice but it was annoying....

Run- I still completed the run and let the director know i only did 20 miles of the bike. the run was fine.. b/c i was off the bike for some time, i wasn't completely out of breath and my legs had a little of life back in them. Ran the 6.2 miles without stopping and just kept trudging along. Was happy to see Scott and Josh at the finish and was so happy to finish both races.

Topped off the afternoon with a big nap with josh and lots of food!!!!

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