Monday, June 14, 2010

Naperville Women's Triathlon

Great race. best tri of the season so far for me personally as i felt in a grove and comfortable in all three disciplines. i also did not get a flat on the course which was a definite bonus. :) here is the rundown.Prep: had to go to Naperville (1 hour away) for packet pickup the day before. that was annoying however i made use of my time going to the outlet malls in the same visit. on race day, drove down with a friend from my tri group which was great. it was nice to have a buddy and give scott some time off from racing. i was at her house at 5 am and we were off.

Swim: because there were 2,500+ women doing the triathlon, i was seeded in WAVE 21. the winner finished b/f i started :) but, the atmosphere was great so it was worth the wait. the swim was uneventful but lots of contact. all women's events glean more first timers and a lot of times, first timers are not prepared for the swim. (i have been there as well).... so, i actually lined myself in the front and that worked well. there was one girl though that didn't go around the bouys and went under them (therefore shorting the course) and continually grabbing my feet. all in the sport however, cheating.... not cool. got out of the swim and ran to T1.

T1: fine however i am super slow in transitions.. i should care more about this but i don't.

Bike: Great! Flat and fast and felt good the entire time. again, i could have slapped the newbies wearing headphones and ones that didn't know what "on your left" meant. i almost collided once with a girl that kept staying in the left side going super slow and drifting constantly.

T2: same as t1

Run: went faster than i expected.. i am learning to get my legs back faster than before. i am also realizing i prefer to not run with headphones during triathlons... which is very strange to me but i ended up turning them off before mile 1 marker.

all and all a great tri! a personal PR but i don't really care about times. one great thing about this race was the celebration of women, and survivors of breast cancer. it really was a great event. some of our tri friends also came out to cheer us on which was Awesome! love my tri-friends!

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