Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Race Report (s) Consolidated....

My tri swim coach asked for a race report of my three and thought i would post my response for documentation purposes.. (here is a pic of leon's start... I circled myself in the pink... just in case you didn't believei was literally one of the last in the water)
i have a tendency to be long winded and am a horrible writer but here is my attempt at my 3 in 1 race report:

Completed 3 triathlons in 8 days (Sprint (trishark), Olympic(leons) then Sprint(naperville)). as the sprint was my first true sprint with open water, i really don't know what i was thinking when i signed up for them. scheduling error was one reason and insanity was the other. after the one back to back weekend, i also realize how much our families are troopers as we traveled for both of them with one night in a hotel. here are my thoughts....

Swimming: first off, the training has been phenomenal with the group. my swimming stamina and technique have improved ten fold. i did realize though that my mental game still lacked come first race. (i.e. i think i might have been crying at the start b/c i couldn't put my face under in the nasty water). i kept thinking of tom hanks saying "there is no crying in baseball/triathlons!" after 300M of modified doggy paddle and breast stroke, i started actually swimming and remembering what you and jay taught me. less kick, head down and just relax. the second half was much better and was able to do every other stroke like i do in the pool. The swims for the other two went off without a hitch and my confidence grew ten fold each time. lining up last at leons and then in the front for naperville.. i feel i have conquered (for now) open water swimming.

Biking: definitely a learning experience. riding a bike and competing on a bike are two different beasts. i was slow and all was fine expect getting TWO flats at leons. the bike tech pumped my tires to 120PSI. i hear this is normal but i was told 100-110. i said to him "will this make them pop easier b/c i am willing sacrifice speed to not have to change a tire".. he said no. after my second flat (only one mile after i changed the first one), i did NOT believe him. as a poor planner, those were the first tires i changed. the first one went fine and then the second one not so good. had a kink in the tube (that was thrown to me as i only had one stored).. and had to shuttle back to the start 4ish Miles short. (they still let me run and don't think they did anything about the time)

Running: enjoyable and surprisingly not too bad off the bike. i am a slow runner/triathlete so i just enjoyed the runs, got my breathing down quickly and enjoyed getting to all three finish lines.

in conclusion- great experience and happy just to finish them. i find myself so obsessive with my work, i enjoy just appreciating my health since my back surgery! i also believe the only reason i got through the 3 was because i conquered the swim. no way would i have been able to get through an olympic without lots of training from LTF tri group. so thank you and i guess i need to learn how to bike eventually :)

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