Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tri Shark Tri (6/5/2010)

I consider this race my first official triathlon. So many of the others ones i have completed were supersprints or races with pool swims.... which looking back were so easy.

Distances were as follows:
Swim: 600 M
Bike: 20K
Run: 5K

The race was in Normal, IL (about 2 hours south). i was planning on going solo but Scott surprised me last minute and said he and josh would come with me... (that dear husband of mine is a keeper).

well, i totally freaked out.... and would describe myself as a "hot mess". i am pretty sure i started crying before the start. it was pretty pathetic. i have been swimming with my tri club for months now and can swim for 2 hours continuously but 600 M in a lake... fuggetaboutit....

i swam the first 100 M doggie paddle as i couldn't even get breast stroke (with my head above water) down as i kept inhaling water through my nose and freaking out. the next 200M i was able to put my head under maybe 3 times... but i did get the above head breast stroke down. by the last 300M i finally calmed down and was able to put my head down and swam the remainder of the way. i breathed every stroke (vs. every other in the pool) but i was happy that i was able to calm down and just do my thing.

went fine. kept the same pace as i did with the capital city biathlon. i was happy with that and had no problems

the first mile after getting off the bike is always the hardest. however, i felt great after that. i have started appreciating running without headphones during the triathlons. i have great respect for the sport so i can't bring myself to put on headphones even though a lot of others do.

Crossed the finish line to Scott and Josh. They passed the time with having watergun fights and running on the beach. we went back to the hotel for quick showers and then hit quiznos and were home by 3 pm and ready for it to start all over again the next day!

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