Saturday, July 17, 2010

Muncie Endurathon 70.3

A Rundown of the Race... my thoughts will be posted later and i might edit this as time goes on.

Swim: by far the easiest part of the day. water was warm (80 degrees) but still opted for a wetsuit as it gives the feeling like you have a pull bouy with you! i had no issues with the murky water and lined up in the middle of the pack before the horn. There was limited contact and only a few swats to my head at the beginning. Had some issues sighting and got off track a few times but it was nice and easy the entire way.

T1: Uneventful. No issues getting off wetsuit but i need to start bring a water bottle just to rinse off my feet. Had some peanut butter crackers which were yummy

Bike: Had the camelback on my back during the bike. this proved to be a good move for me and eventually i should consider getting that $60 water bottle/straw thing but for now, the camelback will do. the bike was actually really boring/tiring for me. i kept yawning and thinking... i need to lay down. it was race exhaustion but more just being tired. i was extremely slow on the bike. many people can make up lots of time on the bike but i just had a ton of people pass me. my lack of training really showed through. however, i finished with an avg. speed of 14.4 MPH which was adequate for making the bike cut off by over an hour.

T2: I thought during the bike about headphones and decided that i was going to wear them and then the people said no. that took some time trotting back to my transition area and i had a few more crackers as well.

Run: running by the finish was painful as i started my first .1 miles. it was hot, not that much shade and a lot of rolling hills throughout the course. it was a straight out and back and i decided immediately a walk run was the way to go for me. the first 6 miles were lonely. i was on my own and us back of the packers were few and far between.

i caught up to a few people and we hung together for the last 4-5 miles. it was nice to have some people to just be next to. we were a funny sight. we would talk for a few minutes and then one of us would start jogging, not saying anything. the others would start to follow and then the second the lead person stopped, we are started walking. we did this for seriously 90 minutes together. towards the end, we picked up the pace. one of the guys need to use the bathroom and we laughed how triathletes and runners are obsessed with our bowels come race day. we laughed so so hard until we realized it hurt to laugh. there wasn't much shade but the ice down our shirts really helped combat the heat.

Crossed the finish line to the cleanup crews and scott not there yet as he assumed i would have finished later. grabbed some sandwiches and feel asleep in the car within two minutes of sitting down. it was an awesome day.

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