Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Muncie... Post Script

a few weeks after muncie, i still really can't comprehend that i did a half IM. i have definitely fallen in love with triathlons much more this season and am not as excited about just running anymore. in my opinion triathletes are a totally different breed of athletes vs. runners. i can kindof describe it but won't as many of you already have your own opinions.

swimming had become my favorite but i definitely stink at sighting. i feel like i go so off track at muncie and prob could have shaved 5 minutes off my swim easily with proper sighting. executing sighting isn't my issue but actually being able to see where to sight and adjusting is. i primarily breath on my right side every other full stroke. i can breath from both sides but i have found it doesn't make me go any straighter and i don't like breathing on my left. i feel like my body drops and i lose my form. i need to work on this and also adjusting my stroke as i find i go from one extreme to another. (i.e. i am going a little to the left and when i adjust, i am going way far to the right). i think fixing this will really improve my swim.

my biking is definitely the weakest link. if i could vote one discipline off the island, it would be biking. but i really just need to work on this more.... having josh in the evenings with scott in school makes it hard to go for long rides... i need to recify that.

i think the run went as well as it could considering getting off the bike after going twice as far as i have ever gone before. no headphones didn't bother me as much as i thought it would. i was just happy to survive.

muncie had amazing volunteers. i heard some statistic that for every racer they had two volunteers... they were great and so positive. being a back of the packer, many volunteers have no more ra-ra in them by the time i get to them but these guys were awesome! i am considering making muncie an annual pilgrimage.. or at least going back.

which brings me to my final thought in the post script... will i go to the next progressive race... an Ironman??? i remember thinking during the race... "i am never going to do a half again.. this is horrible"... but that evening while i was downing my second coke at olive garden... i thought, i wanna to an Ironman. Obviously, i have a long way to go and would actually have to put in some more hours of training per week. we have been hoping for a baby for some time so i think i will wait a while still i start talking Crazy IM talk and hope i get a belly in the process. Whether it is before or after, i hope an Ironman is in my future.

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