Wednesday, August 4, 2010

S. Shore Tri

(photo from WendyCity Productions)

My last scheduled triathlon of the season.... for now... it was a great one. the day started with tons of rain and thunder/lightning. in fact, i woke up multiple times the night before b/f of crazy thunder/lightning that felt super close to us.

That morning, we got a late start. Combination of my laziness and lack of prep contributed and i started thinking we weren't going to make it... i even started texting my tri-friends i wasn't going to make it. Luckily, even with the storms, we made it down to the S. Side in 30 minutes. ... let me repeat 30 minutes!!! Amazing. Well, I got dropped off and got set up in transition.

Lani and Elli (sis in law and niece) were in town to cheer us and her friend on. I had two friends doing their first tri (a super sprint) and my friend Maggie was doing the sprint with me.

Breakdown of the race:

pretty annoying. i remember loving this race as it is done in shallow water and you could touch however, that was before i felt good swimming and now that i can swim, i do not like swimming in shallow water. Walkers just congest and make it harder to swim. It was pretty frustrating but mulled through it. Felt short

T1: run to transition was long as expected but seemed to move quickly through minus losing my bike. no racks marked and it was just a free for all

BIKE: Easy, flat and limited wind. I didn't even through my bike shorts on.

T2: again, super easy.. however, couldn't find my rack again!

RUN: Again, was short... all disciplines felt short and they were. However, it was a decent run. no issues getting my legs back however no water stations!!!??? and no mile markers.

It was a fast, great race though.. i loved feeling faster and stronger on the bike.


  1. last one of the season! great job, enjoyed your more play-by-play of the race.

  2. Hey, lady! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm linking yours to mine :)