Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oak Brook Half Marathon

My last half before the marathon.
Nice Course. Good Support. Great Weather.
Drove out solo and met up with a friend, joe. We were in the bathroom line when the gun went off so that can tell you how timely we were getting there. The race ran through the forest preserve and McDonalds Corporate. It was a nice run.

Only one issue... i kindof passed out at Mile 2. There was a clog up through this tunnel as their was only the little sidewalk area not completely flooded so we got to a standstill.. my heart rate dropped... and when i got out of the tunnel, my eyes couldnt' adapt and i knew i was going down. i crouched on the side, passed out maybe for a minute and waited it out for a bit till i felt better. i was pretty tempted to stop but after a little while of walking, figured i should finish... ironic part was i wasn't wearing my Road ID i just got... good think i didn't pass out too long.

rest of the race was fine.. only walked up two of the many hills.... still lamenting the end of triathlon season

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  1. good night! you passed out!? Sheesh, I think that's a good reason to not finish the race . . .way to go though!