Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grand Rapids Marathon

third marathon. third state... (can you find a pattern?) finished my third marathon to my worst time.

sidenote: have a few reasons for the slower time but i would say one of the biggest was my heart was not interested in running this summer, therefore i didn't run as much as i should have. but i dont sweat it. running/endurance sports for me isn't about time, competition, PR's, it is just about finishing. my job requires i always stress about numbers, deadlines, "PR's" that when i am enjoying my hobbies, i want to do just that... enjoy them. scott often tells me he is surprised that i am ok with 'just finishing' as that is somewhat out of character but it makes me happy so i just go with it.

anyways, back to the race. it was a cold morning. ended up wearing two shirts with gloves. the course was nice although there were a lot of out and backs. when we approached a field with a path, there some awesome fog.. to the point you almost couldn't see. i will say i had one major negative and it started about 30 seconds into the race. a nice enough lady came up to me, started talked to me and then didn't stop for 7+ miles. she was the sweetest person but i wasn't used to talking and running.  She said we were going to run the entire thing together. we had a slower pace than i normally have...  laurie and i even got a pic together :) by mile 7, i needed some space as trying to actively listen was making me tired.  so, there was a hill before mile 8 and i told her i wanted to walk it. she offered to wait for me, but i declined... so, i walked up the hill, happy to be solo again only to realize the joke was on me.

i couldn't get my groove back.... so i got to mile 18 and was greeted by my dear family and husband. the picture below is right before i saw them.. i am pretty sure i am crying here below... scott finished the last miles with me which was great. i was quite pathetic at that point but he was great, motivating me to finish. happy to complete and cross the finish line. it was a good day and it was great to have my family (parents too) with me! thinking next marathon: NYC if i get it?? or maybe a marathon after 114.4 M of swimming/biking.

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