Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cleveland 5 Mile Turkey Trot

After rolling into cleveland late wednesday (thank you chicago traffic), we woke up for the Cleveland 5Mile turkey trot. it was freezing rain and windy that morning and it was looking pretty bleak. however, we all made it downtown and met up with matt and natsumi (matt used to go to law school with scott and now is at casewestern).

we all started running the race together knowing that we were eventually fracture. Ryan ditched Scott and I right after one mile and then Scott started going ahead of me. I lost both of them for a while and then caught up to Scott. The second mile had a down and up incline right by the Browns stadium and i lost Scott again. I thought he was ahead of me so i pushed my pace a little. By mile 3, i figured he was behind me...

With it being so windy and rainy, i was just antsy to get it over with so i pushed a little more. I figured the first mile was 12 minutes and then i am guessing my splits went M1-12, M2-11, M3-10, M4-10, M5-9. That is with going off the clocks so definitely some rounding and guessing but i ended up at 52:0X. i still had some left in the tank to which leads me to my next thought... should i be running faster???

for now, i am still going to say NO as i want to enjoy running and enjoy company i am around. i kindof hope that doesn't change.

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