Monday, January 10, 2011

First triathlon nightmare

i had my first triathlon related nightmare and kindof wanted to document for therapy.

Background: the other night, josh and i watched FreeWilly4. Yes, there is a free willy 4 and stars the late Crocodile Hunter's daughter. it was entertaining enough but felt unsettled during it as they portrayed Willy as a pet. I recently read this fascinating article in Outside Magazine. This is the short version but it is still very inclusive and sad. anyways, if you take the time to read this article, you know why i might have felt unsettled.

Dream: we were getting ready to start the ironman and we saw two fins in the distance. people determined they were the dolphins that were different shades of gray/white and everyone was excited. after we all got into the water and out to the first buoy, people start announcing we needed to get back to shore asap as they were actually Orcas....
however, they didn't have boats to get us but just told us to swim back to shore as fast as we could. i started really freaking out and swam as fast as i could, only to start inhaling water and then started drowning... i then, woke up. i was panting and pretty freaked out..

there also was some weird things about the dream that i should have picked up on while dreaming but you know how that is (i.e the starting area was indoors with a big glass viewing area of the water)

thankfully, i am swimming in lake erie when the time comes for my big race.  i wonder how big 3 eyed fish can get????

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