Friday, January 7, 2011

Must-Do's for 2011

never been a huge fan of resolutions... not sure why..

so instead of resolutions, here are my Must-Do's for 2011
  • learn how to change a flat with ease
  • swim in open water more frequently, racing doesn't count
  • bike a Century before my half iron
  • get my mile under 30 minutes: swimming, not running :)
  • figure out how to operate my new Garmin watch
  • figure out how to use my 1 year old Sigma bike computer beyond just tabbing through the display (i.e. when it turns to the french language, i don't let it stay like that for the rest of the season)
  • feel comfortable breathing on both sides. i can do it now, but still prefer every 4th stroke to the right vs. every third.
i think those are all doable... except maybe figuring out the sigma!

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