Sunday, January 2, 2011

Race Calendar

The new year, means a new race season (can i really call it a season when i am so slow)... Now that i am teaching in the Primary, I also am trying not to miss Sundays so it requires me to be a little more selective and also try to find any Saturday Races that exist... which there isn't a lot of.

So Far:
4/3/11 - Abe Lincoln Half Marathon
(Springfield, Il)
6/4/11- 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon (Chicago)
6/18/11 - High Cliffs Half Iron Distance Tri (Appleton, Wi)
7/16/11- Evergreen Tri Olympic Distance (Central, Il)
9/11/11 - 140.6M IronDistance Tri Rev3 (Sandusky, Oh)

my goal this season is to get in a lot more long runs on own and do open water swims with my swim club on Friday mornings at 5:30... eww.. 5:30 am. anyways, gotta do what you gotta do.

i am also in the lottery for the NYC Marathon and might try to add a marathon before the Ironman. Not sure.. maybe Cleveland or Illinois/Champaign Marathon??? Either way, I am way over budget... what's new..

PS: i am fully aware that i post only swimming pictures... i think it is therapeutic for me as a reminder that mass swim starts (with a large mass of people) is normal and aint no thing.

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