Tuesday, January 18, 2011

random conversations......

recently, had some great conversations with friends about triathlons/races/goals/why we run.bike.swim. or just run.these conversations ranged from people that run sub-3 marathons, top IM age-groupers to people that just started 5K's last year.

luckily, i have found a group of people that do these sports for themselves and no one else. we all want each other to succeed. it is great positive energy. in the past, i have had my fair share of conversations with people that "think they know everything" and like to belittle others for their race times or make snide superior comments. it is really negative energy and not what i need for my hobby.

anyways, i just felt so great after my recent conversations b/c my group is awesome. most of them are successful businessman and women... (i am prob the least successful out of the bunch) and have families so we have a lot to relate to. they really are awesome and love our Monday night post swim dinners with our kiddies and Sat 5:45 spin class.

i also continue to have nightmares about Orcas. The last one I was at a water park with Josh... again, the circumstances a little weird but i think these nightmares are making me totally re-think the escape from alcatrez swim on my bucket list. (which btw, i almost signed up for this year if it wasn't for SanDiego for work.


  1. Hi! I saw that you read my blog, so I thought I would stop by and say hi! I see that you are into tri's as well (and nightmares about Orcas apparently) so I will add you to my blogroll :) Hope to read more about you soon!

  2. great! i think i saw you blog googling for race reports! training for full Rev3 this year so i am sure there will be more orca stories... :)