Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Confessions of a Lifetime Member- Part Two

Almost four years ago, i wrote this post.... and thought i should continue it now that i have a "hobbie/endurance sports" blog

-what is with the snorkel people in the lap pools.. not only do they have enough gear to swim across the atlantic, most of them do not know how to properly share a lane... it bugs

-the other day i did this little tempo/hill workout on the treadmill.. i think it lasted about 6 miles and this guy ended up copying me for the last two miles.. it was pretty fun and then he followed me to the spin bikes for cool down.. i found it extremely flattering, scott said he was hitting on me. good looking 50 year old man... i still got it!

-Why do some women (mostly large eastern european or asian women) insist on walking around naked all the time... there are endless towels and it really isn't cool when you are sitting around naked on the bench where i want to tie my shoes... i totally understand the transitional periods but if i see you bare before i take a shower and come back out and you are still bare... really????

-why is it i go to the gym to work out for 60 minutes but get frustrated when i have to walk too far in the parking lot...

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  1. Snorkel people are also funny because they don't get to use those in real races, so I feel like they are wasting their time. Plus they just look silly :)