Saturday, April 16, 2011

LakeFront 10

another race down for the season and it ended up being a good one. i was lamenting the forecast all week (see previous post)... and waking up saturday to rain and wind was not super exciting... however, the show must go on.

scott was nice enough to drop me off to the start and got there just a few minutes before the gun. i have been trying to find that balance between getting there too early and not feeling rushed... so far, i am 2/2 this season in good timing. anyways, the first miles were fine... finding my stride and breathing as i was battling sideways rain and cold gusts of wind. i hit mile 4 as the leaders were hitting mile 9 and coming back through the course.... always humbling :)

rest of the course was uneventful other than getting some rubbage on my heels from my sneakers as my soaking socks slipped below my shoes. i ended the race 6 minutes faster than any other 10 mile race i have ran. still took my sweet time the last two miles and i am really trying to work on that as i am going to be running against the clock for the 140.6 and every minute will count on that marathon. i will take my 6 minute PR though and move my sights to the next race.... half or full marathon next??? stilll undecided.

josh and scott were there at the finish. sadly, they missed me for the actual finish as they ran to the car for 2 minutes during their 25 minutes standing there and i decided to cross during that time. but we survived and i got my post race burger without any issues :)

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