Sunday, April 3, 2011

RunAbe Half Marathon

First race of the season -->Check!

it went great... minus my 8 hour round trip commute. (note to self: do not sign up for a race 4 hours away and DO NOT try to leave on a friday afternoon... Chicago Traffic will beat you down!)
The course was fairly hilly which was a surprise to me. Normally, i am the person that looks for "Fast/Flat" descriptions but the cheap registration and Saturday raceday is what intrigued me along with fellow Medals4Mettle volunteers were pacing the event.

The course ran by the capitol, Lincoln's home and his gravesite. The weather was perfect and the volunteers were very kind. I especially liked the troops at one of the water stations with their music bumping and high spirits.

This race was the first time i ran with my Garmin and it was pretty nifty. I liked the splits and it helped me keep pace fairly well. I rolled into the finish 30 seconds off my PR for a half. I would have beat it but my Garmin died at mile 11 (i apparently, didn't charge it completely... awesome) which did throw me off on the last two miles (i.e. i went a lot slower the last two miles compared to the first 11 :)

I do need to work on hills... most of the people were walking them and then the few (at my pace (which means slow)), that were running ended up walking the second they got to the top which seemed counterproductive. For this race, the big hills didn't come till mile 8 (around this gravesite area) but if they were to come at mile 1, i feel like that would throw off my grove and make me start walking a lot sooner than i should be.... so, something to work on OR i will just keep looking for "Fast/Flat"!

No aches and pains and after the race, Josh and I, along with my friend Jen, went to the Lincoln museum. I put on my CEP socks and continued to wear them for the next 12 hours. I really have bought into the fact that they help... mental or actual relief.. not sure but either way, i like them!

Race season 2011 has arrived. 13.1 to begin with... hopefully ending with 140.6!

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