Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cheesy in Wisconsin

Another Half Marathon in the books. Decided to run this one only a few days ago to support my friend running her first full. It was an hour away up in Kenosha and figured... why not, good long run. As Scott was working, i took a regular babysitter/nanny with me and it was a fun 48 hours. On the way up, we stopped at the outlets, did a little prom shopping (not for me), went to packet pickup and then ate dinner with jen. We were a little frustrated that when we got to an "official pre-race" dinner restaurant, they told us they 'ran out' of pasta but we could order the pasta off the regular menu... say what?!?!
so, after a little back and forth, they honored the $10 pasta special and we carbed up. As i side note, i really am not fast or hardcore enough to be super concerned about race nutrition. don't get me wrong, i need to be aware but really, i just like exploiting any reason to over eat.

we got to the hotel around 8:30, josh hit the sack and i made my cheese hat so i could start in the all cheese corral. one hot glue gun, 2 pieces of felt and some clearance be-dazzled jewels... perfecto!!!
woke up to decent but cold weather and parked pretty close to start line (benefit of a under 5,000 people race!)Race Report: The closed course was nice and limited hills. the first two miles, i was regretting my outfit choice but quickly was happy as the temp dropped and the wind really was strong off the water. enough that i had no feeling in my hands by mile 4.

pace was good and the water stations were great. there were a lot of volunteers and the atmosphere was fun. as you can see in the pic below, lots of people were dressed up and it was funny seeing a cow breeze by me at mile 3. he had a bell too!there really wasn't anything special to report. it was a training long run and i, once again, just enjoyed the process. i ran the last 100 meters with josh which was lots of fun to cross the finish with him!

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