Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cutie gets a tune up.....

so i haven't had a proper bike fit with Cutie yet so i figured it was time. My tri coach came over and set me up appropriately and finagled with the stem and seat post. Apparently, it was set to more road bike settings vs. tri which is more conducive to aero position.

took a spin around the block (with joshie's helmet) and got some help with dismounting.. sadly, i am the rider that has fallen over at stop signs... more than once, twice, ok fine, three times...

three times last season i had to face the humiliation of someone rolling down their window asking me if i was ok, while trying to hold back their laughter. i am going on a long ride this weekend.. hoping for a 50+ miler and hoping i will be able to stay upright!!!

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