Sunday, May 8, 2011

Placing first in your AG

... at least josh gets to experience this.
1/3 in the under 8 division for males

So, my son (6 years old) did his first 5K in honor of Earth Day. Like it has been all spring here in Chicago, it was a little chilly and windy but we bundled up and registered same morning. Josh was interested in participating but as the race got closer, his interest waned. Fortunately, they did some fun warm ups and we were ready to go.

First quarter mile we went around 9:30-10:00/min pace, then josh and the theatrics kicked in: "my legs hurt, my stomach hurts, i am sooooo tired, let's stop, i want jamba juice".... that didn't take long. we kept going and then did the "pick a point, run to it, walk to a point... repeat" for a while. josh got upset at the water station that i was polluting the earth and cried a little. (i think the overwhelming despair of the world and his legs, feet, stomach and now arms hurting... the emotions were flowing :)

Needless to say, we kept pushing and josh did pick it up when he realized we were amongst the speed walkers.... which is like mother like son as i do the same during races :) We finished around 42 minutes and josh finished 1st as one of them dropped out and the other took 50 minutes.We celebrated with a Jamba and chowed down on some yummy organic chips. now if only i could perfect my stance with an ever-growing son.

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