Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Cliffs Sprint (400M, 22M, 5K)

first triathlon of the year.

was hoping for it to be a half iron but tweaked my back a few days before the event. i was concerned i would have to pull out all together but luckily with some chiro/foam rolling/Nsaid magic, i was able to still participate. i went against my crazy judgment and opted for the sprint distance instead of the half. ... which i ended up being very happy with.

drive up to appleton wasn't that bad and we checked into our hotel after grabbing my packet. race morning came quickly and it was easy to get the race site (high cliffs state park).
a short swim but once again, i had an OWS freak out. (i need one a season so hopefully i won't repeat). i still got through the water relatively easy but somewhat slow.

T1: loved the wetsuit strippers.. i am not fast enough to really need one of those but it definitely makes things easier! ran up the hill to get to my bike and was off pretty easy.
Mile1: miserable. it was a high descent up the "high cliff" which proved to be quite high and steep. there was a guy running up with a mountain bike saying " no shame" over and over... other than almost falling off my bike laughing.... we made it up. the rest of the bike was really easy albeit the smell of cows most of the time. but, i survived as the smell came with newly asphalted roads!

T2: was quick and had a few jelly beans..

Run: we ran up the "high cliff" again and i power walked it. i passed two girls that were trying to run so i felt justified in my walking. the rest of the run was on trails, random steps and lots of forest paths up top of the cliff. it was a nice scenery up top but had to keep my eyes to the ground as there were lots of roots and things to trip on. the last bit of the run was down the "high cliff" which was awesome to finish up the race with.

Crossed the finish line with josh and was handed a plate of fazolis before i even could get water.

great first tri of the season.. all the volunteers and race director were so great! love the hometown race feel. nice change up from the big chicago races on occasion.
hoping to stay healthy and enjoy the process this year!

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