Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evergreen Triathlon- Olympic

first olympic of the season

raced in central illinois and really love this race crew. did tri-shark there last year and they just know how to put on a good race. i like the variance this race provides as most of the chicago tris are big corporate events. after dealing with chicago traffic friday, we pulled into town 20 minutes late for bike check and packet pickup. luckily, the race director hooked us up and let us check our bike and get my bib. it was nice to ditch the bike the night before. i was also informed it was a 99.9% chance there would be no wetsuits at the lake was measuring 86 degrees. this started my mild OWS freak out..

after some carbs and checking into the hotel, race morning came quickly. was happy to get dropped off 20 feet from my bike and scott parked less than a tenth of a mile from transition (another perk of a small race). after checking my tires, made sure to get to the water quickly as i needed to warm up. swam about 200M with no issues and was happy to get over any water issues. i think the warm water helped and i also believe that a true warm up swim is paramount in getting ready vs. 10 ft worth of front crawl.

Race Time

Swim: went fine. lined up in the middle and stayed in that area the entire time. had to laugh as there was one girl that either i kept getting close to or vice versa. we seriously were like magnets. ended up passing a few of the wave b/f me by buoy #2 (there were 3 buoys before you went back to dock) and then before #3, i was caught by the fast people in the wave behind me. i was satisfied with the outcome and finished. only random issue was i had to keep burping due to inhaling too much air or the gross water. either way, i became a pro at timing that with my breathing. i was pretty proud :)

T1: went fine. tried to move fast but didn't.

Bike: Once again, my weakest event. had some numb toes right off the bat and have since decided to pull the trigger on a different seat (this is number 4 since i got cutie). i borrowed a Selle last season from a friend which was over 10 years old but it was perfect. i have not been able to replicate that since... even with the pricier ones. i just found a new selle that is pretty close to it so hopefully when the amazon.com man comes, he bring saddle bliss!

i'm digressing- the bike was lots of rolling hills.. last year, the bike course was flat and fast so i was surprised. proved to be kindof a challenge. did keep the bike karma flowing though as i stopped and gave a guy a spare tube and CO2 who flatted for the second time. he was really appreciative and i was happy to help. one exciting part was there was a 3 mile stretch that was flat with no wind, and i was at 21 M/hr those three miles so there is hope in me going faster in the perfect, non-existent conditions :) my favorite part of the ride was going through the windmill farms.... minus the wind!

T2: uneventful.. i think i checked my blackberry... habit

Run: Luckily, the weather was overcast and not the 90 degrees projected. the course was like a clover and had one central water station. although slightly annoying it kept the runners well hydrated and sprinklers were perfect. they really were prepared for the heat. kept a decent pace and stayed with a few other people most of the time. love the conversations on the course with random strangers. can't beat them.

Crossed the finish and out ran a 80 year old man in the chute. he was only doing the sprint but we finished at the same time. had to laugh as everyone was cheering for LOU (as he was a well known local) and i actually thought he was going to beat me at the olympic... that's how fast i go :)

celebrated the race with a pulled pork sandwich and a big nap by all three of us. that evening, we went and played 18 holes. Steelhead Half Ironman in August.. can't wait!

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