Sunday, August 21, 2011

IM SteelHead.... 69.1?!?!

Day before the Race: Rumblings of the swim being cancelled when i got my packet. I loaded up on some IM gear and cowbells and headed to the beach for the pre-race meeting. Swam about 800 M and the water was crazy. tossing me around everywhere and the waves were breaking even 200M out from the beach... i was just hoping i wouldn't drowned. the night before the race scott was going to play some golf but these scary clouds rolled in, followed by a downpour! it was intense which only made me more anxious for race day. Carbed up with my friend Jen and then attempted to get to bed early in our dumpy motel.

Pre-Race Morning: got to transition around 5:50 to find out "NO SWIM, BIKE/RUN ONLY" was sad but a little relieved when i saw the waves out in Lake Michigan. we then had lots of time as we had to wait for TT start which started at 7:30. We didn't go till 8:20ish People were pissed about the cancelled swim (as was i). Favorite quotes of the morning:
-"for those doing the swim leg of the relay, thanks for coming out, we opened up the kegs early"
-"nothing says awesome like a $275 brick training day"
Swim and T1: was the easiest swim leg/transition ever! :)

Bike: It was a TT start and went off in few second increments. sadly, i was passed a lot as i am slow on the bike and i started playing a game to see what numbers would pass me at certain 10 mile marks... the fast guys caught me at mile 45 and i was thinking it would be at mile 40 so i was happy. there was a lot of chipped roads and bumps which proved to be exhausting. also, the 'rolling' hills were tiresome and actually messed up my bike computer so i was 'blind' for 20 miles in which i think i slowed down a great deal. something about seeing my pace keeps me pushing. right after mile 45, i was spinning down a hill and all the sudden my water cage came undone and almost caused me to wipeout. i pulled over quickly and pulled off the cage and kept going. my biggest issue still is keeping my pace up. i can do it but i lose interest quickly and then will find myself day dreaming and going slow. pulled into T2 starving but ready to run

T2: only 4 minutes and considering the size of transition i was happy with that. switched to run mode fast and grabbed some peanut butter crackers for the road. these have been my favorite race food as gu's are just gross.

Run: was only 10 minutes over my usual half marathon time (when it is just the run and no bike) and was 50 minutes faster than my half last 70.3. the big issue is i can't get too excited as there was no swim so quantifying my improvement is impossible. i did feel good though on the run and ran a negative split which was a first. i passed maybe 75 people on the run which was nice. crossed the finish line with gas in the tank and appreciated all the people that were still at the finish. after the Rev3 race, i will post my thoughts about: IM vs Rev3 vs. small events as i already have a lot to say about them

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