Wednesday, September 14, 2011

REV3 Cedar Point Race Report

Short Version:
crapping in the corn fields can lead to an early end to your day.Long Version:
Arrived at Cedar Point for the REV3 Full Rev 140.6 on Friday to enjoy a few hours in the park with the fam. it has been a while since we have been there. growing up in ohio, i remember going there the monday after prom in high school and loved the limited lines... well, those days had Nothing on this day... the park was empty as Rev3 negotiated early exclusive hours for athletes and families. We rode all the top rides multiple times and were even able to stay on the rides and not even have to walk around through the entrance... amazing! Hit the hay at a decent hour and welcomed my parents on saturday morning. after they arrived, i went for a swim in BEAUTIFUL lake erie. when i saw beautiful.. think Mistake on the Lake beautiful. it was disgusting as there was all this silt? from the storms and made it feel like black nasty kneedeep quicksand. as i have my open water swimming fears, i think my heatbeat was like 160 by the time i got waist deep... i finally got my face in to be welcomed with BLACK water! AHHH! i calmed down and was able to swim maybe .75 miles and felt ok and was hopeful i would survive the swim :)after the swim, showered off the nastiness and signed josh up for the LittleRev with scott. They loved it.. it was part running, part scavenger hunt and had to chug a gatorade... awesome! loved cheering them on with my parents.

The night before the race, ate some yummy Perkins with the family and laid down early in attempts to go asleep around 9:30 pm.. which was a pipedream but i was hopeful. Scott was down at TGIFridays watching football and came in around 10:45 pm (which i was asleep by that point) only to turn on the TV on!!!! to his credit, he turned the volume off and turned the tv away from me but you know how bright anything is when you are sound asleep... it feels blinding! well, i feel back asleep 30 minutes later and pre-night zzzz's set in.

Race Day-
Woke up with a crappy stomach but didn't really think too much of it as this is nothing new. lined up with the rest of the full rev athletes and listened to a nice Sept 11 tribute. Got a little teary eyed and said a prayer. The horn went off with a mass swim start. They pushed the silt away but it was still pretty nasty so i walked to the far left and got going. There was limited contact and got in a groove pretty quick. Was reminded that i can't swim in a straight line as my sighting sucked. However got out of the water in 1:51 and was happy with that. Was greeted with cowbells from loved one and had a smile on my face.

Ten miles into the bike, i started feeling faint and my stomach was mad at me. i have a history with GI issues and fainting... and knew something bad was happening. pulled over in corn fields, took a quick and humbling pottie break and then laid down as i knew i was going to black out.. which i did for just 30-60 seconds. hydrated and got back on. averaged 15.5 MPH until mile 40 and started feeling sick again... pulled over, clipped out and hit the corn fields again! after another humbling pottie break, was walking with the bike for a bit and passed out for a few minutes in the farmers yard. was woken up by a lady who told me not to puke on her grass! she then asked if i was OK. i said yes and got back on the bike..... i knew i wasn't ok at this point.

realized i needed to ck with medical at the next aid station which was 10 miles later. my BP was 80's/50's. LOW!!! I was advised to stop by the nurse and realized it was for the best. at that point, it was out of safety.. i didn't want to stop.. i was ready for a day of hurt and didn't want to go out like this however, knew i shouldn't continue. for my safety and others... it just wasn't my day. as i was waiting for scott to get me... a guy in his second loop pulled over as his spoke broke... he wasn't sure if he could continue.. i overheard him talking and just offered my wheel to him without even thinking about it. so, i made him promise he would give it back :), and we exchanged a sweaty hug and off we went with my wheel.

Roger and me after he finished his 140.6.. with my wheel!
scott picked me up after the wheel exchange and i lost it.... really lost it. but after a bit, i composed myself and he got me a whopper to drowned my sorrows.

Post Race Thoughts:
Obviously i am bummed...
i was mentally prepared to not make the bike cut off but not prepared to just have my body fail me... i woke up not even sore which was insult to injury. However, it was the 10th anniversary of Sept 11th and considering the magnitude of the day, not finishing a race seems pretty inconsequential. i am so grateful for my life, my family and my country. how grateful am i that i will have another day to race another race. 140.6 is in my future but this just wasn't the one for me.


  1. Love that you made his day by offering the wheel. Way to be in the right place at the right time. Very classy.

  2. I think just finishing the swim part of the race is a HUGE accomplishment. There's nothing more frustrating when your performance doesn't live up to your expectations but your perspective on the day was beautiful and like you said there will always be other races. Knowing your body well, knowing when to push it or when to quit is also very admirable.