Monday, September 5, 2011


going for the 140.6. i am very, very, very prepared for not making the bike cut off.. i am embarrassed to even tell you how little i have biked and my last long ride attempt ended with an old man running me off the road at mile 30 and crying hysterically on the side of the road....

but i need to go for it.. i would be regretful if i didn't.

i emailed Bree Wee asking her advice.. i love her blog and would love to be her BFF (not in a stalker way though:) and she was kindof enough to respond.

Here are here two emails to me: SHE IS AWESOME!!!!

*after i asked her if i should go for it and being nervous i wouldn't make bike cut off..
Bree Wee
  • NICOLE! This is an easy one (not an easy race) but an easy answer.....

  • YOU have to do (and attempt) to do what you have not done before! You have done a half and you KNOW you can do that, so go bigger if you want to. If that desire is there you have to keep trying for it till it happens! The bike might be a tuff cut off, but that just means you will have to REALLY focus on your watch and make sure you hit goal times and be on target. YOU CAN do it, for sure you can, you just have to believe you can and have people that believe in you too and those same people have to be there if you make it or not, I am sure you have a support crew and ADD ME TO THE LIST! Go for the full, get on it and make it happen! Write me back to let me know what you decide on, Ill be cheering either way... but I say GO BIG and make it :)

*after telling her i was going for it.
Bree Wee
  • YAY! You are doing it. Im bummed not to be racing there now, just focusing on IM FL, it would have been so cool to see you finish your first Ironman. ILL BE CHEERING!! Holler if you need anything, tips, advice, whatevers... you got this momma!

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