Sunday, October 16, 2011

observations in the hot tub

after swim on mondays, we sit in the hot tub and shoot the breeze. normally, i only stay in for a few minutes as hot tubs don't really do it for me... i get hot, feel uncomfortable and am anxious to get josh. however, earlier this year, i witnessed a showdown among a friend and a new guy to the swim group. i have been swimming with the friend for over a year now. he is a "highpowered" something, lives in one of the richest areas of the north shore, has all the best gear, and has beautiful cars.... however, you would never really assume he was wealthy. he is very humble, kind and not egotistical like most "highpowered" somethings... i am actually a little faster swimmer than him but he always reminds me that he will wave to me when he is passing me 10 minutes out of T1! (btw: he has done a handful of ironmans sub 10 hrs and has a 2:30 PR for a marathon)

anyways, the new guy started talking to my friend.... asking him about times/splits/strengths/equipment and it was very clear it was an alpha male showdown. the rest of us just kindof sat there acting like we were playing with the bubbles of the hot tub at this point.... while this was going on!
after about 10 full minutes of this guy just prodding my friend, he made some comment about his "slow" swim times (which they aren't by the way) and finally my friend said the following:
"judging peoples times vocally is kindof like judging how much people make, vocally... it is just something that is pretty inappropriate... don't you think?"

.... BOOM!

i couldn't have said it better. as someone who is very slow and definitely makes less money than me friend, he has never been anything but supportive and positive towards my efforts.

as a slow triathlete and runner, i know i am judged for my slow times by faster athletes and i always tell people.... "endurance sports are my outlet... i just do them to complete.. not compete. i work hard at my job and enjoy having a non-competitive outlet"
another pet peeve of mine is when i hear people say: "BUT _____ took XX:XX time to finish"... (emphasis on the BUT).

ugh, how annoying. however, i do have to laugh now when i hear that b/c what if the slow person said back to them... "but, you only make $60K"... just saying that comment in my head makes me laugh..... obviously it is extremely inappropriate just like i think judging people for their times is.

my feeling is:
To each their own!

if you do tri's or run:
  • to constantly try to PR... awesome!
  • to get AG awards.... awesome!
  • for a charity and that is main priority... awesome!
  • for the friendships... awesome!
  • for your health...awesome!
  • for the challenge... awesome!
  • for the sheer sense of accomplishment... awesome!
  • for the medal... awesome!
... bottom line.. don't let anyone belittle your intentions and/or your accomplishments!

... somehow this post turned into a rant...

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