Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trails Marathon

After Rev3, i felt like i needed a marathon to finish the season with so i signed up for a local, small marathon. I was so happy i could find a local race, I failed to actually comprehend the word "trails" in the title... I have run plenty of races with trails incorporated in them but never a marathon that was 80-85% trails.

i think we had pizza.. in bed around 11:30

cut it a little close with getting up to the race. drove myself and parked about 25 minutes before the gun. in that 25 minutes, i was able to pick up my packet, go to the bathroom, gear check and pretend to stretch and have 10 minutes to spare. the benefits of a small race!!!

first half of the race was overcast, in the trails and really nice. got settled relatively quickly and was in a groove before the 5K mark. we went off with the half marathoners too so there might have been 600 total for both (220ish for the marathon). the trails were beautiful with the leaves turning. around mile 8, i felt like my pinkie was rubbing. i asked two aid stations for band aids and got the same response 2 miles apart. "no, but we have vaseline!" -no thanks. by the third aid station, i was giving up on any hope for a band aid. asked again and got the same answer.... was totally annoyed at this point so i decided to stop and empty out the rocks (which i would do one more time). as i was doing that (sitting on the ground mind you), a nice park district guy comes running up to me and gives me a band aid that was in his wallet. all the guys spoke spanish and they were cheering for him as i thankful!!! bandaged up the pinkie and off i went. felt a lot better until mile 12 when the half-ers cut off to the finish. such a kill-joy!

my roughest miles were 13-16 as i was so bummed i was doing the full and those half-ers were done! the sun started coming out too and then i noticed my left shoe had this dark red stripe on the outside... hmmmm......

{{SIDENOTE: i saw a handful of people cheating on the race which was so disappointing. the course had some out and backs where we dead ended and just turned around with no timing mats. unless these people went from 12-14 min/mile pace to 6-7 min/mile pace 16 miles in, there was NO possible way they could have went the whole 26.2. out of the trail, i had a lot of time to crunch the numbers and there was just no way..... it was pretty disappointing.... i just don't get it... }}

after another mile, i figured out it was blood.... i managed to get along reasonably well but my feet were hurting (more in my head than actual, but still, they were hurting). around mile 20, i settled in with a few people. a marathon maniac who had run a marathon in each state (12 times!) was my buddy for a while. he had this second nature pace and it was nice to be with him for 2 miles. then, i finished solo and felt good in the last miles... saw josh and scott right before the finish line which was awesome! Post Race:
after i finished, i slowly took off my shoes... actually, i think i made scott take them off and BOOM... needless to say it was pretty gross and couldn't believe how much dirt there was in my toes. the maniac said "that's gonna sting for a while!"popping those water blisters was disgusting. LESSON LEARNED: trail shoes should probably be purchased for the next trail marathon.

feet have healed a week later and only needed bandages for a week!

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