Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hot Chocolate 5K

Had a great time with friends and Josh this year at Hot Chocolate 5K.

PreRace- With the new course, they closed down the loop, so getting downtown to park near grant park was really dicey.  josh and i were running late as neither of us wanted to wake up so after 4-5 unproductive and frustrating loops around one way streets i decided to forgo the starting corrals and park about .15-.2 from the start and join the group at the most northern point of the course.  (I then read later that they delayed the race b/c of a semi dropping its cargo so the course ended up getting lengthened .35 miles so we ended up still running the 5K)

i have run this race i think 3 times now and every year i say it is my last.. i love big races and love races that get new runners involved but i always feel like this one has hiccups... although we missed it, i know they started late b/c of a semi blocking the route... obviously, completely out of the control of the directors but it is always something.  i think this race is better suited as a little smaller and they need to find a loop that doesn't kill all of the traffic routes..  anyways...

We waited for our friends to reach us and had fun cheering for the leaders.  my friend zoomed by in the lead pack (she ended up getting 3rd female with sub 6min/miles!) and it was cool to see her out on the course as i only see the lead runners at the awards ceremony! :)



We met up with Sarah and Josh and I ran with her.  Josh enjoyed the race, all the people and seeing notable landmarks along the course.  We made this a special race as we honored our friend Sarah who recently passed away from stage 4 cancer.  She battled for almost a year and a half and was amazing during her fight.  So positive, so caring, so faithful.

Josh wanted to push at the end "because Sarah was so fast, wasn't she mommy?"  It was really sweet as he heard me talk about her being a BQ runner and what an amazing athlete she was.  So we sprinted the last quarter mile. 



Josh got really cold after we crossed the finish line so we ended up skipping the fondue but did load up on Ghiradelli chocolate.  i think we got 40-50 squares!  Fun race and fun day with j. 


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