Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect 10 (K)

Ahhh.. love the fun 10K's!
{disclaimer:  this really isn't a race report.. more of the fun i had during this weekend!}

Since finishing my ultramarathon, i have enjoyed the last races of the season and was excited to run this race with friends... specifically Julia who just had a baby and this was her first race back.  A work SNAFU ended up in our favor as we were able to get a hotel downtown for free.  Our friend, Michael, tagged along as he was running the race and didn't want to wake up with the chickens either.  Josh snuggled up on the chairs/ottoman that doubled as a bed.  Had to laugh as i felt really old b/c the girls next door wouldn't screaming, jumping on the beds.. ... i listened for a while and finally said "they are really loud, huh?" ... michael was still up and agreed.... scott also agreed but then didn't remember even talking to us... ha!  anyways, i then proceeded to call the front desk and we listened to them being scolded... it was pretty funny.
Race Morning:  pretty cold and the wind seemed pretty bad.  Julia was sweet enough to pick us up from the Palmer House and we got to Navy Pier to see that the weather wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.  Met up with Tia and her friend, took some pics and then we were off.

The weather ended up being really nice and i found myself overdressed very quickly.  The race went south around the shed.  i settled into my normal pace quickly and was enjoying the race immediately.  My iPod was dead so i put my gloves, hat and ipod in my hand and ran that way the entire time.  Not ideal but i prepared myself for a blizzard that didn't happen.

As the race was out and back, loved seeing the sub 5 guys fly by!  The course was super crowded though in many areas and they will have to fix that next year.  I think the reality of running a course along the lake paths (ESP an out and back) are not ideal as these races make the super fast people have the maul the slow people when they are coming home.  Also, the people in the back have a tendency to spread out and take the whole path which made the fast guys run on the uneven grass... just not ideal.  The first mile for overlap is fine but i think having mile 2-2.5/5-5.5 overlap is just too dicey.

Saw Julia 5 minutes after the turnaround so flipped around and went with her for a quarter mile or so. She was doing well but wanted to be with her for a bit.  After she was good to go, went back the "right direction" and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful skyline. Saw Tia right at the end of the race and felt great finishing. Picked up the medal and given a free coupon for McD's at the finish...awesome!

Post Race:
Crossed the finish line and regrouped with everyone.  Then we went over to McD's for our "prize!"  Pretty hilarious seeing all these runners get McD's afterwards.  We were in line with a guy that finished Kona last year and he got 3 sandwiches! loved it!. Ate with the group and met up with another friend and then headed back to the hotel for a fun day in the city.

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