Friday, December 2, 2011

Medals4Mettle Charity Update

We are really lucky to have awesome donors to our charity. ( I have been holding onto 3 Goofy Medals for just the right people. To get a Goofy Disney race medal, you run a half and full marathon in two days!

So, when i got to know Mya from my son's school and learned her favorite character was goofy, i knew i have found an extremely worthy recipient. Mya is blind along with other disabilities and is a fighter. She has an aid that helps her through public school and is such a sweet spirit. The medal has great grooves and detail which she loved to feel and like the silky ribbon! I was really grateful to be able to present this to her and love this organization.  I can't wait to find the right recipient for my ultramarathon medal.

*Picture: mya with her school aid.

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