Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post Race Season 2011 Thoughts....

wow, it was another great season.
so grateful:
  • i am healthy enough to do something i love and enjoy
  • my back only gave me minimal problems this year
  • for a supportive husband and enthusiastic son who doesn't give up on me just b/c "i never win"
  • tri friends and my close friends that provide me much support
  • running some 5K's with josh
  • finishing an ultramarathon
  • having PR's in both marathon and half marathon's and i know i can improve that still a lot (if i want to!)
  • being able to financial afford my hobby
everyday, i think about my 140.6 attempt and chalk it up to a big learning experience. was i disappointed? .. of course but am thankful i didn't hurt myself or someone else and have another day to race.

i am sure you have seen those shirts that say:   DLF>;DNF>;DNS  and after talking to a lot of IM finishers, i am still grateful i went for it even knowing i had a lousy tummy to start.  Nutrition for my next attempt will be so important and probably being more aware of what i eat before as i was eating out so much before hand as we were at a hotel.  Staying at a place i can be more in control of my food will be crucial for my next go-around.

i have had stomach problems since i was in high school.  Passing out (which is accompanied by GI issues) since then.  My most notable was at Disneyworld when i was first married but now, the 140.6 attempt might take the lead.  

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