Sunday, March 25, 2012

St Malachi 5Mile

After coming back from a wonderful Mexico getaway, we went to Cleveland to retrieve josh. Saw that the Malachi run was the same weekend and had to sign up.  And since Scott is a nice patronizing husband, he said he would do it with me!  it was a nice sized race (maybe 4000 people).  Packet pickup was very smooth and organized.

The race started on time after the bagpipes played and we were off.  The weather was nice as we ran over bridges, around the rock hall/stadiums, down a pier and then back to the church.  There was definitely some elevation changes with the bridges and small hills but nothing super dramatic. Ran with Scott in the beginning and the end.  We lost each other in the middle somehow.

Finished sprinting across the finish line with Scott.  Pizza and bananas were post race fuel.  The pizza was actually warm and it was nice to catch up with a high school friend.

Great first race of the season!

Josh greeting us when we got home!

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