Monday, April 30, 2012

Bunny Dash 5K

little 5K in the far NW suburb.  the petting zoo and family friendly atmosphere made it appealing for josh and i.  also, scott was away having a boys weekend in las vegas so figured it was a perfect morning to get out! 

josh was excited for the run.  first mile was 9:50 something and we ran the entire mile.  he was doing well and wanted to chat.  our second mile was the slowest as the two aid stations were in the second mile. josh insisted on not putting the cups on the ground and we stood at the second one for like a minute while he waited for the volunteers to open new gatorade in the flavor he wanted.

as close as we got to the animals.. j was not interested in petting them.
last mile was smooth and we only walked once. josh sprinted to the finish and then proceeded to tell scott (via phone and in person 3 days later) that he "beat mommy by 17 seconds".  considering he made up that number out of nowhere and i was literally two steps behind him, we had to laugh as he still remembers "17 seconds" even weeks later.  i think our time was like 36 minutes and it was definitely that second mile that slowed us down. 

here is josh 17 seconds ahead of me!
i hope josh will be a runner... perhaps cross country or maybe a sprinter... either way, i look forward to bonding with my buddy in the future.  he told me during the race that when he gets older, he will get me gatorade and wait for me at the finish line... he then proceeded to tell me he can also get our bags and maybe he will go to the bathroom.... apparently, he already knows he will be waiting for a while! haha

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