Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trailbreaker Half Marathon

Signed up last minute for a half marathon up in Waukesha, WI.  It was through the trails of a far west suburb of milwaukee.  Race was a little community run and was celebrating an anniversary (20th maybe) and it was a good "first half" of the season.  We stayed two nights at a nearby hotel and the grand plan was to run and then family golf. Woke up to cold weather (34 degrees at start).  luckily i had my trusty NFace jacket but no gloves or ear warmer.. figured the sun would come out so wasn't too concerned (rookie mistake).

Packet pick up was a breeze (one of the many reasons why i love small races!) we got there 45 minutes before the race and during that time: got packet, went to bathroom, went to subway to get SO and child food and then back to the start with 10 minutes to spare.  awesome!

Race started and we ran through trails by the river that ran through the city and then got to their forest preserve trails.  The weather remained cold and windy and was really regretting no gloves for the most of the race.  my already chubby fingers swell when i run so i had freezing cold sausage fingers the entire race.  normally when i wear gloves i take them on and off throughout the race but i like having the option.  not having them made me want them for the entire 13.1 miles!

It was an out and back course and didn't have many issues. was grateful for the train blowing their horn at mile 9 and woke me out of the trance i was in but then was mad it wasn't at mile 12 so i wouldn't have had so many miles left. Got a little running buddy around mile 10 and we took turns puddling back and forth but then she decided to walk the last mile b/c of some foot pain. my last mile was the fastest (per my garmin) and kicked it in with a guy for the last 800M.  Scott was there to greet me although he was a few minutes late but was close.   Finish Time: 2:28:19  (PR by ~ 2 minutes)

They announced in the beginning of the race that due to overwhelming same day registration they didn't have enough medals and marked same day bibs with a marker.. i already knew i was giving mine up before i started but just didn't know how. after i crossed the finish line, i asked if there was anyone waiting for a medal.  the volunteer pointed over to a women sitting in the grass who really wanted one.  it was awesome to be able to give her my medal and much more rewarding than having it for my own.  I don't know why i am not attached the medals but I have found so much joy giving them to others.

After the exchange, we went back to the hotel and i cleaned up and then attempted to golf with scott and josh.  josh and i lasted 9 holes in the freezing cold even though i played horribly.  finished the weekend with lots of indoor pool time with j!

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