Sunday, May 13, 2012

Capital City Half Marathon, Columbus, OH


Decided to travel for this race and visit my brother who is at OSU dental school.  We both signed up for the Half and josh for the kids' race.  My ipod decided to die which i didn't realize until the national anthem was playing.  however, best race for no headphones as there were tons of bands and dj's on the course (over 20 at least).  First band had a rapper with the following lyrics>>>

OH... IO, if you don't know how to do it, this is how it goes.... OH... IO!
Everyone was doing the OH-IO sign and it was pretty funny to see again the OSU pride in full effect. 

Weather was nice and overcast at the start.  Entire race had pretty even pace.

Race started along the water in a skinny path.  There were at least 4 corrals and they started a few minutes apart.  i think i started ~8 minutes after the gun and i was in C corral.  The course got out of downtown and to the HW then winded back through campus to downtown again. There were a lot of aid stations but b/c it was a little jammed in the beginning, the aid stations were pretty congested.  However, i skipped a few in the beginning and all was good.  Sun came out around mile 6 and it started warming up a lot.  No one does humidity like Ohio!!  Loved see my freshman dorm, old stopping grounds, the shoe, and high street. 

Gotta say, spectator support was probably in the top three i have run.  There were people everywhere and the High Street Crowds were awesome.  I was feeling a little lagged around mile 9 and peeped right up after ran some DJ's and randoms excited about Cinco De Mayo.  For it being in flat ohio, there were a fair amount of inclines with the biggest crest right at the end of the course (literally in the last half mile). 

For it being a destination race and driving 6 hours the day before, i was happy with my time and result.  I soaked up the scenery and enjoyed seeing columbus for my stroll (13.1) down memory lane. 

Finish Time:

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