Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicago Spring Half Marathon

Even though i ran a half the weekend before, i decided to sign up for this race as it was sponsored by my gym and we were staying downtown with our in-laws so worked out perfectly. 

packet pick up:  was in a downtown highrise right by where the race started.  it basically was in the lobby of the building.  nothing fancy.  just bib/shirts and some postcards.  i didn't mind the location as i was staying downtown but that would have been annoying to pick up if i would have had to drive.  i guess they did some other times at Universal Sole which would have made it easier.  Either way, i get frustrated when i feel like packet pickup is an event within itself and sucks up another block of time. 

The race: 
It was a small race (3-4K) that started along the lakefront.  when the gun went off, it was overcast and cool... but there were some mean clouds over the water.  The course was an out and back.  Originally, i thought it was a two loop course which bummed me out so was happy to discover the out and back loop.  It wasn't really congested, even with the lakepath construction.  I settled into a comfortable pace (for me) quickly (~10:00 miles) and right before mile 5, it started the drizzle.  The drizzle turned into true rain with thunder and lightening.  i had to laugh as i thought "of course, it has to be the worst when i am at the furthest point from the start".   the lightening wasn't horrible but definitely noted and i was nervous they would call the race.  turnaround was before hyde park and it finally slowed up. 

the course back was uneventful.  i felt a little waterlogged and my shoes felt heavy but nothing too bad.   i ran with a few people the last mile and it is always great finding support from random strangers.  i know i have mentioned it before, but i really love that element of racing. crossed the finish line with some left in the tank and was surprised to see i PR'ed again esp since i just ran a half the weekend before.  I got medaled and then was able to see a few friends come in.

they had a great post race breakfast and really converted the little park into a post race party.  even though it was  still a little drizzly, it had a nice feel to it. the food from corky's was awesome and really yummy.   Scott, inlaws and josh found me after i got some food.  the park is a little tricky to find if you haven't been there before so i was ready to go by the time they got there.   we went to a little diner afterwards (eggy's) and had some amazing breakfast... (second breakfasts are the best!)
Final Time: 02:24:53

This race made me officially a half fanatic and look forward to adding to my 90 day streak in june!

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