Monday, June 18, 2012

Down & Dirty Merrell Mud Run Race Review

Took the dive and tried a mud run.  Lots of friends have been doing them and figured worth giving a go.  Because these races require so much space and land, they tend to be in remote locations so was happy to see this one was relatively close. We happen to  have friends that lived about 10 minutes from the horse stables where the race was held so stayed at their place the night before.

Race site had easy parking and a short walk to the packet pick up area.  Packet pickup was a breeze and we had some time to walk around and check out the family friendly area and take pictures of the pretty mud piles before their future destruction.  Josh and Scott kept busy while i ran which is always an awesome bonus for my forced family support! :)

I will admit, i had some butterflies for a measly 5K.. but i got nervous i wouldn't be able to get up the walls and have to be "that chubby person" that was required to walk around them.  Sent off a friend who was doing the 10K and then waited for my wave to start.

There were 12 obstacles on the course with stretches of running in between.  We probably ran ~.75 miles before the first obstacle which was nice b/c it let me get my jitters out. 

The walls were not hard and i actually got up all of them really easy.  There were two mud pits and the first one was a bit shocking as "when do i ever volunteerly get disgustingly muddy?".... apparently today was that day!  I ended up just going for it and then when i got out of the mud, a big "goop" flung into my eye... OWIE!!! (esp with contacts) there were some guys waiting to squirt water into your eyes which was awesome but i couldn't rub my eyes with my muddy paws so i finished the race squinting.  Note to self... just be prepared for that and consider even goggles and pass on my pride :)

The course was set on a great plot of land that had lots of hills that provided obstacles within themselves.    The last climbing obstacle was a slanted wooded plank that was lots of fun! 

People were belly flopping into the last mud pits which was fun to watch but i did not belly flop it. Afterwards, i was ready for a shower.  Shower (in mud run terms) are hoses.  I donated all my clothes and then waited for jen.  After we met up with Jen, we chowed on our free grub included burgers, hot dogs and cokes.  The race was really well put together and was such a fun event.  Fun day in the mud!

Mud Runs are definitely a nice change up for a seasoned runner or an awesome way to get into running if you think "running is boring".... I plan to do this race again and i am guessing it won't be my last mud run!!!

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